Dutch Bros Straw Code [updated February 2024]

Coffee lovers often frequent Dutch Bros and some have heard of the “Dutch Bros Straw Code.” Supposedly, baristas use straw colors to secretly judge customers: pink for cute, green for “unsightly,” orange for strange, yellow for average, and blue for rude.

But is it real? We don’t know for sure! Many experiments have failed to crack the code. So, is it a fun game or a secret language? Join us as we explore the mystery of the Dutch Bros straws!

Dutch Bros Straw Code

What Do the Dutch Bros Straw Colors Mean?

Here Colours Means:

  • Pink: You’re cute or pretty!
  • Green: Not so much in the looks department, according to the barista.
  • Orange: You’re a bit of a mystery, kinda strange but intriguing.
  • Yellow: You’re just average, nothing special or off-putting.
  • Blue: Yikes, they think you’re rude.
Dutch Bros Straw Code

Where Did the Straw Code Originate?

The Dutch Bros straw code, a purported system where straw colors supposedly assign subjective labels to customers, has become an internet meme with surprisingly mixed reactions.

Despite its lack of confirmed origin, the rumor has sparked considerable online debate, both on social media and among loyal Dutch Bros patrons.

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Is the Dutch Bros Straw Code Real?

The Dutch Bros straw code is a popular rumor that has been circulating for years. It claims that employees use the color of the straw to subtly judge customers. For example, a pink straw might mean you’re “pretty,” while a green straw might mean you’re “unsightly.”

There is no concrete evidence to support the existence of the straw code. Dutch Bros has officially denied it, and many employees have come forward to say that they just grab whatever straw is closest. However, some people believe that the code is real and that they have seen it in action.

The Straw Code

Some people say that Dutch Bros workers give different straws to customers based on how they look or act. Pink means good, green or blue means bad, and other colors mean something else. But no one knows for sure if this is true or not. Still, many people go to Dutch Bros every day and hope to get a pink straw.

Is this what you think? Do you believe in the straw code at Dutch Bros?

Final Thoughts

Thanks for sticking around to the bottom of the cup ☕️ and sharing your Dutch Bros Straw Code! Now, go out there and spread some cheer, whether it’s with a pink straw compliment or just a friendly smile. Happy caffeinated adventures! ⚡️

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