Dutch Bros Coffee [UPDATED: April 2024]

Hey guys! Looking for a delicious coffee drink? Dutch Bros Coffee has a wide variety of choices to satisfy your taste buds, from classic coffee to unique seasonal specials.

This guide will explore their menu, highlighting popular drinks and some hidden gems. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a tasty pick-me-up, Dutch Bros has something for you.

Dutch bros coffee Menu

Dutch Bros. coffee has a huge drink selection, with choices for anyone who loves coffee, tea, or other yummy beverages! To make it easier, let’s see what kinds of drinks they have:

Dutch Bros Coffee Menu

Dutch Bros Mocha

Black Forest$3.50
White Angel$3.50
White Zombie$3.00
Raspberry Truffle$3.50
Banana Bread$4.50
German Chocolate$4.50
Billy Jean$3.00
Cinnamon Dolce$3.00
Peppermint Bark$3.50
The Bob$3.00
Molten Lava$4.50$3.50
Cotton Candy$3.50
Golden Eagle$3.50
Dutch Canyon$4.50
Double Torture$4.50
Banana Cream Pie$3.50
Nutty Irishman$3.50
Cinnamon Roll$3.50
Crazy Hawaiian$3.50
Dream Weaver$3.50
Sugar Cookie$3.00
Vanilla Bean$3.50
Double Chocolate Mocha$4.50
Fresh Vanilla Bean$3.00
Almond Bar$3.50
White Mocha$3.50
Crazy Hawaiian$3.50
Cake Batter$4.50

Dutch Bros Latte

French Vanilla Bean$3.50$4.00$4.50
Sugar Cookie$3.50$4.00$4.50

Dutch Bros Breve


Dutch Bros Americano


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Dutch Bros Frost

Red, White & Blue (Mini)$2.25
Palm Tree (Mini)$2.25
Unicorn Blood (Mini)$2.25
OG Gummy Bear (Mini)$2.25
Tropical (Mini)$2.25
Bubblegum (Mini)$2.25
Dutch Mojito (Mini)$2.25
Pink Flamingo (Mini)$2.25
Passion Water (Mini)$2.25
Trixie (Mini)$2.25
Midnight (Mini)$2.25
Tricky Tre (Mini)$2.25
Electric Berry (Mini)$2.25
Double Rainbro (Mini)$2.25
Orangesicle (Mini)$2.25
Laser Cat (Mini)$2.25
Tiger’s Blood (Mini)$2.25
Ray Of Sunshine (Mini)$2.25
Sweet Sunrise (Mini)$2.25
Stop Light (Mini)$2.25
The Vampire Slayer (Mini)$2.25
Freedom (Mini)$2.25
Gummy Bear (Mini)$2.25
Dinosaur Egg (Mini)$2.25
Starry Night (Mini)$2.25
Shark Attack (Mini)$2.25
Eclipse (Mini)$2.25

Dutch Bros Chai

Dirty Chai$3.00$3.50$4.50
Christmas Morning$3.00$3.50$4.50

Dutch Bros Tea

Palm Tea$3.50
Decaf Ceylon Tea$3.50
Green Tea$3.50
Earl Grey Tea$3.50
Paris Tea$3.50
Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea$3.50

Dutch Bros Smoothie

Caramel Apple$3.50$4.50$6.50
Blueberry Pomegranate$3.50$4.50$6.50
Green Apple$3.50$4.50$6.50

Dutch Bros Cocoa

Hot Cocoa$2.00$2.50$3.00

Dutch Classics

Drink NameSmallMediumLarge
White Chocolate Mocha$4.50$4.90$5.90

Dutch Blended Drinks

Drink Name16 oz24 oz32 oz
Dutch Freeze$5.25$5.85$7.85
Dutch Frost$5.25$5.85$7.85

Dutch Blue Rebel

Drink Name16 oz24 oz32 oz
Blue Rebel$4.60$5.35$7.35

Private Reserve Espresso Coffee

Drink NameSmallMediumLarge

What is Dutch Bros Coffee?

Born in 1992 from the shared passion of brothers Dane and Travis Boersma, Dutch Bros. Coffee began as a humble pushcart serving up espresso-based delights in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Inspired by their Dutch heritage and close bond, the “Dutch Bros” name resonated with their commitment to community and personalized service.

Driven by a spirit of entrepreneurial grit and delicious coffee, the pushcart morphed into a drive-thru phenomenon. Today, Dutch Bros. boasts over 470 locations across 11 states, serving a whopping 40 million loyal customers yearly.

The Rise of Dutch Bros. Coffee

From farm to famous: In 1992, the Boersma brothers traded cows for coffee. They started with a pushcart, delicious beans, and friendly vibes. Soon, Dutch Bros. Coffee was brewing a loyal following.

More than a cup: They expanded with drive-thrus, roasted their own beans, and focused on sustainability. Their menu offered something for everyone, from classics to creative concoctions. A loyalty program rewarded fans.

A coffee giant with a heart: Today, Dutch Bros. is the biggest private drive-thru coffee chain in the US. They’re still family-owned and community-focused, spreading joy with every cup. It’s not just coffee, it’s a passion project with a loyal following.

Dutch Cold Brew

Super smooth coffee brewed for a whole day (24 hours!) and served cold over ice. Comes in two main flavors:

Nitro Cold Brew: This one gets a special nitrogen treatment, making it even richer and creamier than regular Cold Brew. You can have it iced (cold) or toasted (hot).

Black & Tan Cold Brew: This combines Dutch Bros’ Cold Brew with dark chocolate sauce, chocolate macadamia nut flavor, and chocolate milk for a delicious chocolaty treat.

It’s also topped with whipped cream-like “Soft Top” and crumbled cookies for extra goodness.

Dutch Jr. Mafia Menu

That’s great! Dutch Bros.’ Jr. Mafia menu sounds like a perfect option for kids. Here’s a breakdown for you:

For the little coffee lovers:

Mini Frost: This is like a mini milkshake, with more ice and less ice cream. They come in chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and mocha flavors – yum!

Fruity and Fun:

Mini Smoothie: Packed with yummy flavors, these blended drinks are made with ice, non-fat yogurt, and real fruit puree. They come in blueberry, strawberry, peach, and mango flavors.

Warm and Cozy:

Not-so-Hot: Think of this as a kid-friendly latte. It has more milk and less espresso than a regular latte, making it nice and warm without being too strong.

You can add yummy flavors like coconut, almond, hazelnut, or vanilla to make it extra special.

Drink NamePrice
Mini Frost$3.25
Mini Smoothie$3.25

Dutch Grab-n-Go Section

Drink NamePrice
Muffin Tops$2.75
Granola Bars$2.75

Is Dutch Bros Coffee only known for its coffee?

They have a huge menu with all sorts of drinks, not just coffee. You can find delicious teas, yummy desserts, and even unique cold brews.

Basically, there’s something for everyone, even people who don’t like coffee. Their variety is a big reason why they’re so popular – it’s a great place to grab a tasty treat!

Can I customize my order at Dutch Bros?

They love letting you personalize your drinks. Want it stronger? No problem! Craving something sweet? Add some syrups! Feeling adventurous? Ask about unique flavor combinations.

With their flexible options, you can create a drink that’s perfect for you. So go wild and have fun customizing your Dutch Bros experience!

Dutch Bros. Coffee Contact Information

Dutch Bros. Coffee is a renowned drive-through coffee chain that originated in Grants Pass, Oregon.

The company’s corporate headquarters is located at 332 NW 6th St, Grants Pass, OR 97526, United States. If you need to reach out to their team directly, you can call them at +1 541-471-8742.

Alternatively, you can utilize the convenient contact form available on their official website to get in touch with them.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Important Links

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final thoughts

Thanks for sticking with me on this caffeine journey through Dutch Bros Coffee! Whether you’re a die-hard Broista-craving Rebellious energy or a first-time iced mocha sipper, I hope you left this post feeling energized and ready to tackle your day with a Dutch Bros grin.

Visit our website at dutchbrosmenu.online if you’re interested in learning more about different menu pricing.

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